Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard
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Pennine Heritage Digital Archive: 

Index of Railway related material

Pennine Heritage, based in Hebden Bridge, has done a remarkable job of capturing many thousands of historical images of the Calder Valley and surrounding areas in its Pennine Horizons Digital Archive. Many of these feature railway related material, and below is an index to the railway images in the Archive, with images grouped by location.

The indexing starts in the east at Bradley Junction on the LNW Huddersfield lines and move progressively west to end at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood! The primary 'line' is the Calder Valley, with locations north and south inserted where they join or leave the 'main line'. Rolling stock and miscellaneous items appear at the end of the listings, along with the industrial railways that serviced dam construction projects. Although the archive includes a number of L&YR postcards, these are not included.

It is also apparent that a number of images appear in more than one collection, and this accounts for the apparent duplications that will be observed from time-to-time.

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society have made available a considerable number of their Calder Valley images (but not all). These are shown in bold with the their 4 digit LYRS image ID.

There are a number of images described as 'Bridge' in the North Dean area which could well be on the Pickle Bridge line but require further research to accurately locate them.


L&YR No. 1670 on westbound passenger

L&NWR Standedge Route
Bradley (described as Spen Valley Junction), Huddersfield

Looking towards Mirfield & Bradley Wood (b&w)


LYRS 2736 - Station frontage
LYRS 4508 - Huddersfield Station Frontage 1920

Spen Valley

LYRS 2724 - Heckmondwike Station pre 1888
Railway Bridge No. 4, 1936 Utility pipe being installed
Railway Bridge No. 4, 1936 - 2


LYRS 2740 - Liversedge Station pre 1884/5
LYRS 2741 - Liversedge Station post 1884/5

Holmfirth Branch

Railway Station pre-1914

Pickle Bridge Line
Bailiff Bridge

LYRS 2661 - An Aspinall 0-6-0 heading a local service from Bradford

Norwood Green (Pickle Bridge line?)

Norwood Green or Wyke Viaduct, Pickle Bridge Line

Calder Valley

LYRS 2667 - Barton Wright 4-4-0 heading a westbound train on the 'up' Manchester platform


LYRS 2682 - The first station at Elland on the Manchester & Leeds Railway
LYRS 2685 - The remains of Elland Station in about 1964
Arched bridge (colour)
As above (b&w)
As above (b&w)
Railway Bridge, Little Bradley, now bricked up

Sowerby Bridge

LMS No. 12527 near Sowerby Bridge 1938
LMS No. 10901 near Sowerby Bridge 1938
LYRS 4945 - Station Signal Box
LYRS 6101 - 1963. Sowerby Bridge Station Signal Box
LYRS 6103 - 1963. Sowerby Bridge Station Signal Box
LYRS 0657a - Hughes 0-4-0RM No 11 at Sowerby Bridge
LYRS 0663 - Railmotor No 8 on Ripponden Branch at Sowerby Bridge
LYRS 2781 - Sowerby Bridge - old station
LYRS 3501 - Sowerby Bridge - view in town before widening of the railway bridge
Station frontage tinted postcard
Station approach in BR days
LYRS 4130 - Horse-drawn Parcels Delivery Van No 120, 2-wheel, & horse-drawn Cab in front of station
LYRS 6106 - Sowerby Bridge Station 1963 - frontage and approach
LYRS 8618 - Sowerby Bridge Station - frontage and apprach looking down Station Road
LYRS 2783n - Sowerby Bridge - panorama of town with the station
LYRS 2786 - Sowerby Bridge - general view of the town looking east across the station
LYRS 4330 - Sowerby Bridge Station - general view looking east in 1910
LYRS 3907 - Platform Bracket Signal with subsidiary arms and water turrett
LYRS 2785 - Sowerby Bridge Station - looking towards 'Down' Bay platforms in BR period
LYRS 4331 - 1951. Sowerby Bridge Station - general view of platforms, buildings and canopies looking east
LYRS 4332 - 1951. Sowerby Bridge Station - general view of platforms, buildings and canopies looking west
LYRS 4333 - 1951. Sowerby Bridge Station - general view of the station concourse
LYRS 6095 - 1963. Sowerby Bridge Station Building and Concourse
LYRS 6096 - 1963. Sowerby Bridge Station Building and Concourse in poor condition
LYRS 6094 - 1963. Ripponden Tunnel - east portal behind Sowerby Bridge Station (bricked up).
LYRS 6098 - Water tank and gents toilets in 1963
LYRS 6099 - 1963. Water column and fire devil at the west end
LYRS 5057 - 1956. Coal Sidings & Ground Frame Box
LYRS 8625 - Coal drops in 1967
LYRS 8623 - Sowerby Bridge Station 1967 - Grain Warehouse and Ground Frame Box
LYRS 4986 - River Bridge Ground Frame Box
Mereclough Road Bridge. Circa 1960
Road bridge at end of coal drops
Bridge over main road, Sowerby Bridge
As above
LYRS 2777n -1937. Sowerby Bridge - general view of track formation, loco depot, Goods Yard and West Signal Box
LYRS 3500 - Sowerby Bridge West - panorama of trackwork.
LYRS 3801 - West Signal Box on the Goods Yard and Loco Depot
LYRS 4947 - Sowerby Bridge West Signal Box
LYRS 8622 - 1967. Sowerby Bridge West Signal Box
Sowerby Tunnel westbound with 4-4-0 emerging with passenger train (b&w)
LYRS 1157 - Aspinall 4-4-2, Highflyer, No 737 heading a Leeds express between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel
LYRS 1442 - Hughes 0-8-0 Number 1357 heading a goods train between Luddendenfoot and Sowerby Tunnel.

Rishworth Branch
Watson's Crossing

LYRS 3615 - Ripponden Tunnel under Scarr Head
LYRS 1470a - 1911. Aspinall 0-6-0ST, re-built Saddle Tank, No. 541 at Watsons Crossing
LYRS 1391 - Hughes 0-4-0RM No 1 heading west at Watson's Crossing
LYRS 2576a - Watson Crossing Halt - general view looking towards Ripponden
LYRS 2577 - Watson Crossing Halt - general view circa 1957


LYRS 0656 - Hughes 0-4-0RM at Triangle Station
LYRS 0671 - Hughes 0-4-0RM No 10 at Triangle Station


LYRS 2581 - Railmotor Hughes 0-4-0RM
LYRS 2583 - Ripponden Station - general view looking towards Sowerby Bridge
LYRS 2584 - Ripponden Station - general view of Goods Shed & Yard.
LYRS 6111 - 1965. Ripponden - iron girder overbridge


LYRS 0654. Hughes 0-4-0RM No 3 at Rishworth
LYRS 2590. Rishworth Station - general view along platform with Railmotor
LYRS 3534. Rishworth Trestle Bridge - carrying station approach

Calder Valley

Luddendenfoot Water Troughs 1938 (passenger) (b&w)
Water troughs with 0-6-0 on excursion
Luddendenfoot Water Troughs 1938 (freight) (b&w)
L&YR Manchester to Harrogate Express passing over the water troughs (b&w)
From hillside showing station and yards (b&w)
LYRS 5047n. The Signal Box and siding to the east of the Station
LYRS 2762 - About 1900 with a ‘permanent way ganger’ on the track
LYRS 4540 - 1951. General view of platform, buildings, canopy and goods yard looking towards Mytholmroyd as Stainer 4-6-0 5MT. No. 45201 approaches
Luddendenfoot Station Staff, 1938
LYRS 6068 - 1963. The 'Up' Manchester platform and timber buildings a year after the station closed
LYRS 6092 - 1963. Gas lamp outside the Booking Office
View from behind platform (b&w)
LYRS 6074. 1963 the Goods Shed and crane
LYRS 60286. 1963 and the then recently closed Goods Shed
LYRS 60 Luddendenfoot Station - Coal Yard.
LYRS 6093a. Detail of the L&YR Notice at the gateway to the coal yard
LYRS 6084. 1963. The now demolished coal drops
LYRS 6073. 1963. Disused horse drawn dray belonging to F&H Sutcliffe
LYRS 6089. 1963. Disused horse drawn dray belonging to F&H Sutcliffe
Sprinter approaching Luddendenfoot (colour)
Station with signal box in distance 1900s
Goods yard from hillside
LYRS 6066 - 1963. Road overbridge (iron girders on stone abutments) between Mytholmroyd & Luddendenfoot


LYRS 4847 - Mytholmroyd West Signal Box
LYRS 6059 - 1963 - The Signal Box and Platelayers Hut
LYRS 8556 - The West Signal Box and 'up' platform looking west
Mytholmroyd Railway Station from across valley (b&w) c.1910 showing rear of signal box, Upside station buildings
As above, higher vantage point (b&w)
As above, c. 1920 (b&w)
Mytholmroyd Viaduct and 'up' Platform c. 1960 (b&w)
YRS 6062 - 1963. The 'up' platform building
LYRS 2768 - General view of the platforms looking in the Sowerby direction
Mytholmroyd Station Platforms early view
Main Station Platform building 1960s
LYRS 6061 - 1963. Buildings on Down side looking eastwards
As above, showing goods lift
LYRS 6056 - 1963. General view of the 'Down' platform, building and canopy looking west
Wooden Platform Buildings 1960s
Station looking westwards 1960s
LYRS 4577 - 1964. General view of the platforms, buildings and canopy looking west
8F hauled freight heads eastwards
Mytholmroyd Railway Station Building from street level, 1987
As above (colour)
Mytholmroyd Viaduct and 'up' Platform
LYRS 2769 -Rear view of the 'up' platfom
LYRS 4578 - 1951. General view of the platforms, buildings and canopy looking east, Austin 7
Black 5 passing through station with an excursion
L&YR train approaching station
Platform support from below
Viaduct showing platform structure 1960
LYRS 6063 - 1962. The platforms not only ran the length of the viaduct but also overhung it supported by massive iron brackets.
LYRS 6064 - 1963.- Viaduct carrying the 'up'platform
Aerial View of Mytholmroyd, 1948
Aerial view showing yard tracks
Aerial view of Mytholmroyd
Mytholmroyd Station Staff 1960
As above Ivatt Class 4 2-6-0 running in with passenger train
As above
As above 1962
Caprotti 44745 arriving with 6-car LMS rake
From hillside looking north 1979
As above
As above, showing signal box and sidings
As above 1981
As above 1981
Mytholmroyd Railway Station, 1987
As above - Class 108 arriving
As above - Southport train awaits departure
Class 45 or 46 heads PW train westwards after slow lines removed
Train with High Flyer departing in the Up direction c. 1910 (b&w) Aspinall 4-4-2 'High-Flyer' with a passenger train towards Hebden Bridge on track quadrupled in 1906.
Aspinall 4-4-2, departing from Mytholmroyd Station pre-First World War on the 'slow' lines (b&w)
L&YR 4-4-0 heads a passenger train on Up fast (b&w)
York-Liverpool express double headed by Stanier Class 'Black 5' 44782 and 44987 on 4-track section 30 September 1961
As above, with signal
Carr Railway Bridge, Mytholmroyd, 1962
As above
Stubb Railway Bridge, Mytholmroyd, 1963
As above
Stubb Footbridge, Mytholmroyd, 1962
As above
Paddy Bridge, Caldene, Mytholmroyd, 1964
As above
As above
Stocks Railway Footbridge, Mytholmroyd, 1962
As above
Thrush Hill Railway Bridge, Mytholmroyd, 1962
As above
Thrush Hill Bridge at Caldene, Mytholmroyd


Greetland Junction, South End (b&w)
Greetland Goods Shed
LYRS 6131 - Greetland Station - Coal Drops close-up 1963
LYRS 6132 - Greetland Station - Coal Drops 1963
LYRS 6130 - Greetland Station - Coal Drops 1963
Bridge over Saddleworth Road, Greetland
Railway arch on Stainland Road, near former Greetland station

Stainland Branch

West Vale Station Railmotor with trailer
LYRS 2596 - West Vale Station in LMS days with a Halifax bound Railmotor LMS No. 10614 with trailer
LYRS 2595 - Hughes 0-4-0RM No 4 at West Vale Station
Bridge at West Vale (colour)
As above (b&w)
As above (colour)
As above (colour)
LYRS 2597 - Stainland Station general view
LYRS 1818 - Railmotor Coach No 3 at Stainland & Holywell Green Station
LYRS 2599 - Stainland Station & Goods Shed with Railmotor No 10614 (LMS)

Halifax lines

Radial emerging from tunnel with passenger train (b&w)
Radial at station with passenger rain (b&w)
LYRS 0344 - Aspinall 2-4-2T at Copley Station
Station showing approach paths (b&w)
LYRS 2674 - Copley Station - general view
LYRS 4768 - Copley Station - general view of platforms, signal box
Viaducts with LNW train (b&w)
LYRS 3561 - Copley Viaduct climbing up to Copley Station and Halifax
Viaducts on postcard (tinted)
Railway bridge, Copley Village (b&w)
As above
As above
Railway bridge

Dryclough Junction, Halifax

Bracket signal (b&w) (1912 arms, yellow distant)
Junction with LMS & LYR signals (b&w) LMS arms on lattice post; LYR wooden post, signal box in view.

Low Moor

View from platform looking northwards (b&w) two signal boxes in view


Lightcliffe Signal Box
Lightcliffe Signal Box (interior)

Long Lane

Ground frame


Closure of Bradford Bridge Street Goods Station October 1962 Staff portrait


LYRS 2691 - An extract from an 1873 lithograph giving a rare view of the 1855 Station
Station from above south portal of Beacon Hill Tunnel (b&w) shows tall 3-post LYR bracket
LYRS 4970 - Halifax East Junction Signal Box
Station approach 1900
LYRS 2692 - Halifax Station approach
LYRS 2695 - Halifax Station Approach
LYRS 4322 -Station approach and frontage 1910
LYRS 2696 - Halifax Station approach c.1920
Station aerial view 1909 
Station aerial view - 2
Derelict GNR platforms
Disused GN viaduct and LYR tunnel mouth
LYRS 2700 - Halifax Station Aerial View
LYRS 1024 - Aspinall 2-4-2T No 39 (possibly) and unidentified coach
LYRS 4321 - former GNR Platforms 4, 5 and 6 to the front of the 1855 Italian style station building
LYRS 2698 - general view of the L&YR Platforms to the rear of the Station Building
LYRS 6409 - general view of L&YR platform and canopies
LYRS 6403 - 1963. General view of Platform 4
LYRS 4910 - Halifax Goods Yard Signal Box
LYRS 2699 - Halifax L&YR goods sheds - specific one unknown
LYRS 3831b - General view of North Bridge station, unusual signal box
LYRS 4266 - 1930. General view of North Bridge station platforms and canopies
LYRS 2317 - John Crossley & Sons No 42 - part of 7-plank wagon in the private siding at North Bridge
LYRS 3572 - Wheatley Viaduct, tunnel & goods yard in a panoramic view
LYRS 3462n - C.1927. Halifax St Pauls Coal Depot
LYRS 4908 - Halifax West Signal Box
LYRS 4913 - Holdsworth Bridge Signal Box
Railway Bridge over Wakefield Road at Copley - Salterhebble
Railway arch,Copley, Nr Halifax
Railway Bridge, North Dean
As above
As above
As above
As above
Clark Bridge
Bridge at Shibden

Calder Valley

Railway Bridge, 1962
Railway Bridge - 2, 1962 Class 110 running under
Railway Bridge - 3, 1962
Railway Bridge - 4, 1962 Class 110 working '1N40'

Hebden Bridge

LYRS 2705 - Station frontage and forecourt in BR days

Hebden Bridge Railway Station (colour, exterior, main downside buildings)
Hebden Bridge exterior 1994
LYRS 2701 - Early 20thc. pre-1908 view across the railway station to the town
Station, warehouse and yard from hillside (b&w) c.1910
As above, but wider panorama (b&w) c. 1910
As above, different angle (b&w)
As above, from Woodtop
Aerial view of station and yard (b&w)
As above (b&w)
Weasel Hall Tunnel from west (b&w)
Weasel Hall Tunnel from east (b&w)
Calderbank Railway Bridge, Shelf Road Bridge 127
As above, other side
View of railway north of Hebden
As above
High-flyer with train on troughs (b&w)
Station about 1958
Station, Black 5 on Up train
Station, Black 5 passing warehouse on Down train
Class 158.793 arriving with Up service
Class 110 departing down service (b&w)
Class 110 arriving
Platform (colour)
Platform c. 1925 (b&w)
Platform-2 c. 1925 (b&w)
Platform 1976
Platform 1976 - 2
LYRS 4478 - General view of the 'up' platform, buildings and canopy in 1951 with westbound Stanier 4-6-0 Class No. 45421
LYRS 2708 - General view of the 'Down' platform looking east in 1976
LYRS 2709 - General view of 'Up' platform looking east in 1976
LYRS 2713 - General view of 'Up' platform looking west in 1976
LYRS 6049 - general view of the 'Down' platform and buildings in 1963
LYRS 2717 - The unusual hydraulic lift on Platform 2 down to the subway
LYRS 2718 - 1976. The mechanism of the unusual hydraulic lift down to the subway
Station nameboard and bridge plate 130
Lighting the gas lamps
Station underpass 1962
Station underpass - 2
Platform, Austin 7 on Down freight
Signal Box 1966
Signal Box 1966 - 2
Signal Box 2013 (colour)
LYRS 6043 - Signal box front & non-door end in 1963
Station Warehouse c. 1960
Station Warehouse - 2
Station Warehouse - 3
Station Warehouse - 4
End view of warehouse c.1920 with lorries displayed
LYRS 6050 - The large double bay station warehouse in 1963
LYRS 6051 - Hebden Bridge Station - Yard Crane and Goods Hoist
LYRS 8452 - General view of the Goods Warehouse, platforms, station buildings and canopies late 60s
LYRS 8453 - The Goods Yard looking north west from the westbound platform
Warehouse from hillside
Detail of sidings from hillside
East bound train before the track was quadrupled in 1906
Lloyd Greenwood on platform
Lloyd Greenwood outside main entrance
End of tram line (b&w) tram terminus on New Road, near the junction with Holme Street, left, and Bridge Gate, right looking towards West End


Charlestown and Whiteley Arches c1918 (b&w) Steel bow string bridge designed by George Stephenson. Strengthening work on the bridge was carried out in 1890 for widening the line between Mytholmroyd and Hebden.
Bowstring bridge 1905
Bowstring bridge over the Rochdale Canal 1933 (b&w) The bridge was replaced in 1939 with the current metal trough bridge
As above
As above
Whiteley Arches prior to the replacement of the Bow String Bridge in 1939 (b&w) Dreadnaught with Period II stock east-bound
New Whiteley Arches Canal Bridge, 1962
Whiteley Arches from Oakville Road 1962
Whiteley Arches from Horsehold 1956
Whiteley Arches from Horsehold
Whiteley Arches from Horsehold 1962 with Class 110
As above (b&w)
Road bridge 1960
Flooded river with Black 5 and train 1961(?)
General view of Charlestown with railway (b&w)
Charlestown Signal Box
Charlestown Curve with temporary alignment to left (b&w) The curve was built as a temporary detour in 1840 and remained for over 80 years
Charlestown Railway Accident 1912 (b&w)
Charlestown Curve Accident 1912 (b&w)
Charlestown Curve Accident - 2 (b&w)
Charlestown Curve Accident - 3
Charlestown Curve Accident - 4
Charlestown Curve Accident - 5


LYRS 6008 -1963. Iron footbridge on the Hebden Bridge side of Eastwood (Bridge 117)
LYRS 2680 - 1880s. Station staff and maintenance gangers at the station
LYRS 8406. - The Level Crossing and derelict Station Buildings
Eastwood Station prior to demolition (b&w)
LYRS 6036 - The Level Crossing and Station Buildings in August 1963
LYRS 8410 - 1967. The disused and derelict station buildings on the 'down' line looking towards Todmorden

Eastwood Station, 1969
Detail of Station building
LYRS 8407 - Mid-1960s- The Station Buildings, Level Crossing and the line looking towards Hebden Bridge
Signal box
LYRS 6034 - General view from above station looking north east towards Hebden Bridge
Looking eastwards towards footbridge
Level crossing looking westwards
Level crossing and signal box seen from the road
Derelict coal drops
LYRS 6039 - 1967. The coal facilities were withdrawn in 1964. The drops to the west of the steep ramp up to the station
Cockden Mill showing end of Eastwood platforms (b&w) Or Dan Crabtree's mill, was west of the station. The typical L&YR station name board is on the right. The mill was demolished late 1950s/early 60s. This is now the modern bus layby. The subway under the railway is still extant and it is possible to climb up alongside the line on the other side.
Distant view of Eastwood station taken from valley floor looking east 
Pair of B1 Class locos double heading a westbound passenger train c.1960 (b&w) From hillside west of Eastwood
Eastwood derailment 22/11/1973
Foot crossing

Hall Royd Junction

Horsfall Tunnel with 'Flying Scotsman'
Lobb Mill 1902-06
Up splitting distant for Hall Royd Junction, Horsfall in background
Aerial view, c.1985
Original signal box, level crossing and junction from below the railway
Hall Royd sidings in their prime
Hall Royd sidings in the early 80s

Copy Pit
Stansfield Hall Junction

LYRS 8707 - The Box at the Junction of the Stansfield or Todmorden Curve
Stansfield Hall Halt
Stansfield Hall after chord closed to traffic


Lydgate viaduct c. 1908 (b&w)
Viaduct from hillside
As above
Lydgate viaduct (colour)
Viaduct in landscape
Bobbin Mill Close


View of station on hillside showing platform and signal box
Stanier 4MT approaches Todmorden
Cornholme accident 1967 - 1
Cornholme accident 1967 - 2
Cornholme accident 1967 - 3
Cornholme accident 1967 - 4
Cornholme accident 1967 - 5
Cornholme accident 1967 - 6
Cornholme accident 1967 - 7
Cornholme accident 1967 - 8
Cornholme accident 1967 - 9
Cornholme accident 1967 - 10
LYRS 3810 - Stubley Siding Signal Box
Radial tank descending from Copy Pit
WD 90138 on freight
Brooks & Pickups New Siding (Stubley Siding)
Cornholme Bobbin Works with passing 4-4-0
Cornholme from New Lay Farm 1955


Station, level crossing and signal box, 1910
LYRS 2953 - General view of the station building, level crossing and signal box looking north west towards Burnley
As above
LYRS 2954 - Postcard view of the station, level crossing and signal box
Saddle tank on crossing with staff
Station c 1910
Track level view
Station c. 1959
Signal box detail including nameboard
Crab on passenger train
LYRS 2955b - General view from the hillside.
LYRS 5062 - Portsmouth Level Crossing Signal Box rear view
LYRS 5063 - The front & non-door gable of the Box
LYRS 3523 - Chatham Road overbridge on the 'Copy Pit' line with a newly-built extension arch

Copy Pit

Summit 2013 (colour)
Radial tank passing Copy Pit
Approach to Copy Pit 2013 (colour)
Approach to Copy Pit - 2 (colour)
Chatham Bridge (colour)
Chatham Bridge - 2 (colour)
Crab banking coal train


Repairing Holme Tunnel at Copy Pit, 1986
Holme Station, Cliviger 27th October 1907 (b&w)

Calder Valley

Todmorden East early view
4F down side of viaduct -1 September 1942
As above
As above
LYRS 6018 - Todmorden Triangle 1963 looking towards Todmorden East
LYRS 8705 - Late 1960s. General view across the viaduct looking north east
LYRS 8675 - Coal drops shute about 1967
LYRS 8676 - Coal drops mechanism about 1967
LYRS 8706 - Todmorden East Junction Signal Box
LYRS 3567 - Tormorden Aerial View of town and Viaduct
LYRS 2795 - 1910 looking west with Dobroyd Castle on the hillside
LYRS 3511 - The platforms and buildings with Hirst (rebuilt Aspinall) 0-6-0 No 715
LYRS 8649 - General view of the station in the late 1960s looking across to the Manchester platform
LYRS 2800 - Looking across to the Manchester 'up' platform in about 1950
West end of station looking east c. 1910 (b&w)
LYRS 2793n - As above, Date unknown but in LYR days pre-1922
Halifax Road towards the market place and the railway viaduct (b&w)
Viaduct over Burnley Road and market early 20th century (b&w)
Train on viaduct looking towards Bradford (colour)
View of station from hillside
LYRS 8647 - The Up platform in the late 1960s.
LYRS 2799 - The 'down' platform in about 1950
LYRS 2801 - The 'down' Leeds platform looking west
LYRS 2802 - The now demolished buildings on the 'down' Platform
LYRS 6029 - Looking north east from the 'up' platform across to the 'down' platform 1967
LYRS 4339 - General view of the platforms, buildings and canopies with a siding behind the 'down' platform
LYRS 4340 - General view of platforms, buildings and canopies 1950
LYRS 8643 - The station in the late 1960s.
LYRS 2797a - Looking east over the station and the town.
LYRS 2803 - The run-down station entrance and approach road in British Railway days
LYRS 6026 - 1967. Station frontage and approach road
LYRS 6031 - 1967. The Booking Hall
LYRS 8640 - 1967. The Booking Hall
LYRS 2804 - the disused and now demolished ‘up’ side Station Warehouse on Station Approach
LYRS 8680 - The disused and now demolished warehouse looking down Station Approach

LYRS 2805 - The now demolished warehouse viewed from across the track
LYRS8677 - 1967 Looking from the 'down' side across to the then disused 'up' warehouse
Radial shunting at Todmorden West
LYRS 2798 - The north east end of the station and water tank in L&YR days
Unitarian Church with sidings in foreground
Early view of station looking north
Great Wall under construction 1881
LYRS 0467 - Aspinall 0-6-0ST No. unknown at the Goods Yard
Dobroyd, Todmorden, 1972
LYRS 3825 - Dobroyd Crossing Signal Box
LYRS 8691 - The Level Crossing, Cottage & Warehouse probably late 1960s
LYRS 8692 - Level Crossing gates from the east side probably in the late 1960s


Gauxholme Bridge (b&w) after strengthening, with barge
As above, 1970s (colour)
As above
Gauxholme viaduct (colour)
As above
Gauxholme viaduct (b&w)
Gauxholme arches (b&w)
As above (colour)
As above, close up (colour)
LYRS 6010 - The handsome cast iron skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal
LYRS 6011 - The handsome cast iron skew bridge over the Rochdale Canal
Gauxholme arches (colour)
Mixed DMU rake seen from below


Railway and canal looking towards Walsden
Radial 10676 in cutting with train

Walsden & Summit Tunnel

Walsden Station c. 1910 showing westbound goods train
LYRS 3788 - Summit Tunnel East Signal Box (pre-1895)
LYRS 3861 - Summit Tunnel East Signal Box (post-1895)
LYRS 3862 - Summit Tunnel East Box Interior
LYRS 3650 - West portal with tunnel platelayers gang


LYRS 6682 - Looking from the 'up' Manchester Platform across to the 'down' Leeds Platform
LYRS 6681 - The 'up' platform, buildings and signal box looking north east
TMP 0225 - General view looking north east in 1950 down the Manchester island Platform across to the Leeds Platform
LYRS 6685 - The building on the 'down' Leeds Platform but shorn of its canopy
LYRS 6687 - The Leeds 'down' platform and the Goods Shed looking west
LYRS 6689 - From the 'Down' platform looking across to the 'up' platform
LYRS 6684 - The sidings have been recently lifted and the shed in a poor state of repair
LYRS 1083 - Aspinall 4-4-0 No. unknown and bogie stock near Littleborough

Smithy Bridge

TMP 0226 - Smithy Bridge Station 1950
LYRS 6694 - The front and non-door gable of the Box
LYRS 6695 - The rear & non-door gable with the level crossing and subway entrance


Station platform mid-1960s

Manchester Lines and west
Oldham Mumps



Exchange Station, Patriot departing westwards (b&w)
Exchange Station concourse
Cheetham Hill Junction, Manchester, June 1960


Knowsley Street Station looking westwards (b&w)


Blackburn - Manchester Victoria train headed by LMS 2864 (b&w)
Bolton West Junction (b&w)
Bolton West Junction from platform (b&w)

Crow Nest (Hindley)

Crow Nest Junction looking eastwards (b&w)

Wyre Dock Fleetwood

L&YR undated postcard

Atherton Junction

Atherton Junction showing signal box (b&w)

Ainley Top, Fixby

Railway Bridge (colour)
Railway Bridge (b&w)
As above

Locos & Vehicles

L&YR No. 1358 0-6-0T
LMS No. 10939 2-4-2T
L&YR No. 773 0-6-0
LYR 0-6-0 goods loco
L&YR Nos. 823 and 1503
L&YR No. 1110 4-4-0
LMS No. 12591 0-6-0
LYR 917 0-6-0
LYR 0-8-0 Large Boilered 1549
LMS Dreadnaught formerly L&YR No. 1674 in London Suburban area south of Watford Junction
LYR 591 0-6-0ST
LMS No. 11500 at Mirfield Shed May 1948
L&YR No. 740
L&YR Tank Loco No. 1008 (restored, colour)
2-4-0 tender loco
Saddle Tanks at Horwich 1961 11304 & 11305
'Sound and Fury' Painting - High-Flyer at Poulton
'On the L&YR Sixty Years Ago'
L&YR Third Class Brake Van 1955
L&YR Coal Wagon 14026
L&YR Goods Wagon 30570
Class 25 with permanent way train
41241 on KWVR

Railway motor vehicles

L&YR Motor Omnibus No. B-2085
L&YR Motor Omnibus No. B-2156
L&YR Motor Omnibus No. B-2084
L&YR Electric Parcels Van No. 170. c. 1914/15
L&YR Parcels Van No. 174
L&YR Express Collection Van c.1904
L&YR 4 Ton Lorry No. 62
L&YR Lorry No. 84
L&YR Eddison Electric Lorry No.24
L&YR Horse Drawn Parcels Van


L&YR Dockets
LM&SR Single Line Working Document
L&YR Dividend Statement August 1899
L&YR Misc. Documents
L&YR - April 1912 Notice of Passenger Train Services. Fleetwood - Belfast.
L&YR Poster of Southport Music Festival May 1912
Reverse of poster JCA00383
L&YR Telegram August c191?
Misc L&YR Documents

L&YR Railway Clearing House Return Document
L&YR Thirsk Races May 1912 Poster/Handbill
L&YR Beauty Spots of Hebden Bridge
Reverse of JCA00308
L&YR Telegram June 1903
L&YR Cast Iron Public Notice

Hardcastle Crags & Walshaw

Trestle Bridge, Blake Dean, c1902 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 2 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 3 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 4 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 5 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 6 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 7 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge - 8 (b&w)
Trestle Bridge postcard (tinted)
As above
Loco - 2
Loco - 3
Loco - 4
Loco at passing loop
Loco crew
Walshaw's 'ESAU', one of 15 Bagnalls (b&w)
Walshaw's 'WADE' (b&w)
Walshaw Dean reservoirs (b&w)
Walshaw Steam Crane (b&w)