Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard

Pennine Heritage Digital Archive: 

Index of Railway related material

Pennine Heritage, based in Hebden Bridge, has done a remarkable job of capturing many thousands of historical images of the Calder Valley and surrounding areas in its Pennine Horizons Digital Archive. Many of these feature railway related material, and below is an index to the railway images in the Archive, with images grouped by location.

The indexing starts in the east at Bradley Junction on the LNW Huddersfield lines and move progressively west to end at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood! The primary 'line' is the Calder Valley, with locations north and south inserted where they join or leave the 'main line'. Rolling stock and miscellaneous items appear at the end of the listings, along with the industrial railways that serviced dam construction projects. Although the archive includes a number of L&YR postcards, these are not included.

It is also apparent that a number of images appear in more than one collection, and this accounts for the apparent duplications that will be observed from time-to-time.

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society have made available a considerable number of their Calder Valley images (but not all). These are shown in bold with the their 4 digit LYRS image ID.

There are a number of images described as 'Bridge' in the North Dean area which could well be on the Pickle Bridge line but require further research to accurately locate them.

Hall Royd Junction

Stansfield Corn Mill - MOT00319
View over Derdale, Todmorden - MOT00134
Todmorden Triangle (Hall Royd sidings) - MOT00150


Portsmouth Station, 1910. - MOT00390
Portsmouth Station on the Copy Pit Line. - MOT00145
Portsmouth Station c1910, on the Copy Pit Line - MOT00144


Lobb Mill Viaduct
Castle Street area of Todmorden, viewed from above Castle Hill tunnel - MOT00428

Engine Derailment at Todmorden Viaduct, September 1942. - MOT00474
Engine Derailment at Todmorden Viaduct, September 1942. - MOT00473
Engine Derailment at Todmorden Viaduct, September 1942. - MOT00472

Todmorden showing coal drops and original signals boxes - MOT00149
Todmorden station in the early 1900s. - MOT00148
View over Salford area of Todmorden (with goods waggons in foreground) - MOT00147
View over Todmorden (showing station & viaduct) - MOT00146
Todmorden Station (showing original goods shed) - MOT00143
Building the 'Great Wall of Todmorden', 1881. - MOT00142

The Railway Cutting at Winterbutlee, Walsden. - MOT00138
The Canal and Railway at Walsden. - MOT00136


Article About the Proposed Deanhead Railway - JCA00391
L&YR Poster of Southport Music Festival May 1912
L&YR Telegram June 1903 - JCA00390
L&YR Telegram August c191? - JCA00385