Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard
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Train Operating Company (TOC) Twitter Sentiment

Twitter is proving to be a useful tool for those wishing to monitor the activities of major corporates, and wanting to gauge the sentiment of their customers.

This is particularly true of railway travellers in the smartphone age, as a delayed train service gives them ample time to share their frustrations with management.

The assessment of Twitter sentiment is seen as a useful tool for railway managers, and as recorded by Roger Ford in 'Modern Railways', DeltaRail has been analysing the Twitter chatter to see whether it would give signallers early warning of issues developing in realtime, before possibly rail staff are made aware of an issue. 

Here we provide a comparison of the live Twitter feeds for Northern Rail, Merseyrail and Metro. Please note: this is a live, uncensored feed and those of a delicate nature might be quite shocked at how angry passengers get, and how they choose to express their anger!