Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Hall Royd Pre-cast Concrete Garages 4mm scale  
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4mm scale

There are two blocks of garages erected on vacant land off Hall Royd Road, immediately prior to the start of the approach embankment for the bridge. This parcel was created when the road was diverted over the bridge in the late 1890's, and the block at right angles to the railway is on the old road alignment. A July 1930 aerial photograph shows what appear to be two small enclosures and sheds providing accommodation for small livestock, possibly hens.  

Above the two blocks, on the embankment, is the site of the second Hall Royd signal box.

They make their first appearance in a photograph dated 13 October 1962, although do not appear on the Ordnance Survey 1963 1:2500 scale map.

The doors on both blocks are not the originals. Originally they had a glazed upper section, formed of six small panes arranged in two rows of three. By 1971 (at the time of the demise of the signal box), these glazed areas had been panelled over with sheets of plywood. The fact that all the doors have been panelled and painted in the same style suggests that they are in common ownership. The lower two-thirds of the door was formed of vertical wooden planking. From a black-and-white photo it is difficult to be exact, but green, blue or red are possibilities!

In 2013, the block that backs onto the railway has a set of distressed black painted plywood doors, whilst the block at right angles to the line have been upgraded, with the exception of the garage closest to the railway, which also has distressed black plywood doors.

The resulting free downloadable kit features the block backing onto the railway 'as is', although the roof has been backdated to 1960s asbestos. The block at right angles also reflects the current door status, although a bay has been removed, so there are five rather than six bays.

One other block of garages formed of similar sections has been located at Greenway, in Chesham, and this has provided a set of faded green (closer to blue) doors to provide some variety.

As with all these downloadable kits, the model can be printed out, mounted on stout card, and a 'box' structure created. However, a more elaborate model can be made by printing out several sheets, and then cutting out the panels and doors to form a degree of relief.

To save mounting the sheets and printer ink, a pre-printed option is available on 335 gsm card - see below.








Prototype block of pre-cast concrete garages at Hall Royd

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

Prototype block of pre-cast concrete garages at Hall Royd

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

Prototype block of pre-cast concrete garages at Hall Royd

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

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Hall Royd pre-cast concrete garage blocks (5 bays) - available in 4mm scale only.

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