Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Hall Royd Junction: The Prototype

Hall Royd Junction: overview
Hall Royd signal boxes
Hall Royd Junction: 2
Hall Royd Junction: 3
Hall Royd Junction: maps
Hall Royd Junction: train reversal
Hall Royd Junction: aerial views

Todmorden: overview
Todmorden: more
Todmorden: Cornholme accident 1967
Todmorden: A 2003 day trip
Todmorden West Chord first train
Todmorden West Chord signal box diagrams
Todmorden tickets

Todmorden Station buildings: 1
Todmorden Station buildings: 2
Todmorden Station buildings: 3
Todmorden Station buildings: 4
Todmorden Station buildings: 5

Todmorden East
Bridge 109

Stansfield Hall Junction: 1950 - 1960
Stansfield Hall Junction: West Chord 2012 -2014
Stansfield Hall Junction: January 2015
Stansfield Hall Junction: first train
Stansfield Hall footbridge: photo survey 2014

Copy Pit: Gannow to the Summit
Copy Pit: Summit to Stansfield Hall
Copy Pit: 90412 & 42727 on a freight working
Copy Pit: Northern Rubber special

Holme Tunnel

Rose Grove

Todmorden West 'Taylors' Bridge 103
The Great Wall of Todmorden
Dobroyd Cossing
Rochdale Canal Bridge 102
Gauxholme (Shade) Viaduct and Canal Bridge 101
Bridges 99 & 100 between Walsden and Gauxholme
Walsden Station Bridge 98
Winterbutlee Tunnel and Bridges 96 and 95
Sun Foot Crossing & Summit East cabin
Dean Royd Tunnel Bridge 93
Walsen Brook Aqueduct Bridge 92
Summit Tunnel

Eastwood Railcams
Eastwood Bridge 117
Eastwood Bridge 118

Signal Box Diagrams (Chris Littleworth):

Summit Tunnel West
Summit Tunnel East
Dobroyd Crossing
Todmorden West
Todmorden East Junction
Stansfield Hall Junction
Hall Royd Junction
Portsmouth Station
Gannow Junction