Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard
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L&YR Size 6 signal box 4mm scale
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4mm scale

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway had some 722 signal boxes from Fleetwood, Blackpool, Southport and Liverpool in the west to Goole in the east. The variations are many fold, but a simple classification is brick-based or all wood. The all-wood versions tended to appear on embankments or areas where the ground was not considered solid enough for the heavier weight of the brick version.

The subject of this downloadable kit is a brick-based standard L&YR Size 6 box with the front sash windows in a 3-2-3 configuration. This is offered in the style of the famous Bilteezi kits. On downloading, this will need to be printed, and once printed, will need to be glued to good quality card.

As a result, if you have difficulty cutting the hand rails for the steps out, there is also a pre-printed version available which is supplied as a professionally produced pre-printed kit in full-colours on good quality 335 gsm white card.

The model illustrated has been made from one of these pre-printed kits. The on-line order form for the pre-printed kit is at the bottom of this page, and payment is processed using Barclays Bank's PCI-compliant server.

The basic four walls should be cut out as a unit and then the corners lightly scored before folding to create a square box. The chimney stack needs cutting along under three of the four sides where it is adjacent to the rear wall, before making three vertical score lines on each corner of the stack. Fold and glue to form the stack. Additional brick courses are supplied ( three deep and one deep) to form the top of the stack. The stack then needs to be completed with a square of card with a hole in the centre to take the chimney pot. In this case, the pot is formed from a cock-tail stick.

The roof can now be cut out and fitted. The bargeboards are handed - decide which way you would like the shadow to fall. There are brick bases supplied for all four walls. These should be scored horizontally and then mounted on a card spacer before being glued to the bottom of the walls.

Extra relief is provided for the wooden base of the box where it rests on the brick base.

There are four sides for the steps, which are paired. The outer side has a shadow on the middle vertical post: the matched inner side does not have a shadow. These need to be cut out with care, and it is highly recommended that the job is only attempted with a set of sharp blades. The sides need to be glued together, and then the steps inserted between the two sides to create the stair case. This is then glued with the flat platform at the top of the stairs resting under the upper door.

Finally, add the wooden walkway at the base of the front wall that covers the signal rodding as it leaves the locking room. 




Assembled card kit of a LYR Size 6 signal box in 4mm scale

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

LYR Size 6 4mm scale signal box kit

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

Three quarters view of LYR 4mm scale Size 6 brick based signal box in LYR colours

Copyright: J K Wallace, all rights reserved 2013

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LYR Size 6 brick-based signal box in LYR colour scheme - available in 4mm scale only.

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4mm OO scale LYR signal box kit professionally
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