Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

The Calder Valley railway in film

Film clips of the Calder Valley are rare, and recently David Bold of Sowerby Bridge has been converting some of his 8mm cine-film shot around 1972 to digital. For what the films lose in quality, they more than amply make up for in their unique content. This page will take a few seconds to load due to the number of embedded YouTube links.

Todmorden 1:

0.00: Class 110 approaching Todmorden from the east.
0.48: a 110 is seen approaching Millwood Tunnel, also from the east.
1.05: Hall Royd Junction from the top of Millwood Tunnel
1.22: Looking east from Hall Royd Road bridge, showing the signal box
1.45: A train of new Ford motor cars on flat wagons passes the Junction from Copy Pit
2.50: Class 40 hauled coal train passing the box towards Todmorden, and then a 40 hauled freight heads for Copy Pit
3.29: Stansfield Hall signal box with topless signaller.
3.51 Class 40 approaches Stansfield Hall Junction with a coal train 

Todmorden 2 & 3:

0.00: The Copy Pit banker (class 25) returning to Stansfield Hall Junction, and crossing to the Down line whilst a Class 40-hauled freight awaits the road
0.34: Class 40 passes with a van train from Copy Pit
1.10: The Royal Train hauled by 2 class 25s moves off the West Curve and heads for Copy Pit
1.43: Todmorden Station, with a Class 110 departing eastwards
2.18: A seven-car (?) Class 124 passes heading for Manchester with a two-car 101 in blue at the rear
2.45: Hall Royd Road bridge and a Peak passes with a returning excursion of 8 coaches, all in blue/grey, bar one very distressed maroon carriage
3.47: Class 37 also with a returning excursion, all blue/grey
4.23: Todmorden Station showing canopies, with various DMUs departing
Eastwood - 1972

0.00: Opens with a Class 40 with a coal train heading east
0.23: From the footbridge, a Class 40 passes underneath heading east with a mixed freight
0.45: At the level crossing, with Class 101 passing.
1.16: Signal box seen, as children use the wicket gate to cross with their bicycles
1.45: Class 40 approaches from the west with a freight
2.19: Class 110 from the west
2.33: Class 40 with a coal train moves slowly up the loop. It is held whilst a Class 101 passes, and then gets the road and slowly moves out passed the cameraman.
3.46 View from the road below the signal box showing Class 40 passing westwards with a freight train.
Brearley and Mytholmroyd 1972

0.00: Class 47 on a tanker train
0.20: English Electric (37 or 40) on a freight
0.40 Class 110 showing recently removed slow lines
0.56: 2 x 3-car Class 110 sets
1.14: Class 37 on mixed freight
1.32: 4-car Class 110
1.48: 3-car Class 110
2.13: LMS running-in board and station building at Mytholmroyd
2.29: Departing Class 110 

Sowerby Bridge, Luddendenfoot and Embankment 1

0.00: Leeds-bound 4-car Class 110 departs Sowerby Bridge
0.23: Manchester-bound 4-car Class 110 arriving Sowerby Bridge
0.43: Class 37 hauled freight - 8M23
0.55: Class 25 freight - 8M41
0.59: Class 37 freight - 8M08
1.10: Class 110 departing towards Leeds 4 + 3-car Class 110 - 2J51
1.48: 4-car 110 including non-110 car
2.10: 3-car Class 110 departs for Leeds
2.35: Class 40-hauled freight

Weedkiller Special Train 1972 (Sowerby Bridge)

0.00: Class 37 propels weed killing train out of Sowerby Bridge 'wrong road'

Sowerby Bridge 2

0.00: Class 111 approaches Sowerby Bridge from Leeds
1.19: Class 110 passes through towards Manchester - 1M36
1.40: Class 101 approaches from Manchester
1.54: Mixed 4-car unit with 101 and 110 cars leaves for Manchester
2.43: Class 40-hauled freight Manchester bound



Sowerby Bridge Rail 1972

Long distance shots across the town of the station:

0.00: Long distance views of a DMU starting from Sowerby Bridge station towards Leeds, and passing a DMU in the Manchester direction.
0.18: Class 25 on Up freight passing through Sowerby Bridge station
0.55: 3-car Class 101 approaches Sowerby Bridge from the Leeds direction
1.35: Class 40 with freight in Manchester direction (misty)

Sowerby Bridge Rail Scenes 1972 – 1973

Shot from above the railway in the vicinity of Sowerby Bridge West.

0.00: Class 101 approaches Sowerby Bridge West, shot from above the site of the loco shed
0.30: Above clip repeated
0.55: Class 108 2-car unit Manchester-bound
1.16: Class 40 freight Leeds-bound
1.50: Class 40 coal train Manchester-bound
2.30: 3-car DMUs pass each other
3.05: Class 03 shunting on the Up side at Sowerby Bridge West, shot from above the tunnel mouth

Filling the Coal Drops at Station Road, Sowerby Bridge 1972 - 1973

0.00: Class 03 seen propelling vans.
0.24: Class 110 pulls out of Sowerby Bridge station as 03 positions hoppers on the coal drops
0.55: The shunter opens the hopper, and climbs into the wagon; see coal dropping into shutes 
1.36: 03 moves forward with shunter's truck, vans and hoppers
1.59: 03 runs light through Sowerby Bridge station with shunter's truck (to work track circuits)


Milner Royd 1

David tends to shoot the entire train, so providing invaluable information on lengths and consists. Also he catches the signals changing as the trains pass. 
0.00: 3-car Class 101 approaches Milner Royd Junction from Halifax
0.19: Class 37 '6940' with 4Z29(?) with freight from Greetland
0.54: Class 110 takes the Halifax line, shot from below. 3+2+2 configuration.
1.19: Class 40 to Greetland with freight, containing bolster wagons
1.54: Class 40 from Halifax
2.34: Class 110 to Halifax (misty), followed by oil tanks to Greetland
3.00: Class 110 to Halifax

Halifax: Greetland and Dryclough Junctions

0.00: Class 37-hauled 12-coach passenger train heading east
00:29: Class 37-hauled 12-coach passenger train heading west
1.11: Class 40 '354' 8E88 eastbound coal hoppers
1.48: Class 40 D351 light engine heading east
2.18: Dryclough with Class 110 and short Class 37 hauled freight
3.10: Class 40 heads uphill to Dryclough from Greetland with a freight
3.31: Class 110 DMU at Dryclough heading to Manchester
4.10: 4-car Halifax bound Class 110 at Dryclough

Longsight 18th August 1972, filmed from the old excursion platform at Longsight, with the carriage shed on the other side of the running lines. 

0.39: Class 08 removes Mk 2 passenger stock
0.53: '5T41' light loco
1.47: Class 17 'Clayton' as '2T21'
2:32: EMU/Express Passenger
3.06: 08/40 pass camera
3.28: Carriage shunting
3.51: E3017 with 'OK12'
4.10: Class 25 with coaches
4.38: EMU
4.46: Class 86 with '1A41'
5.10: Procession of trains, including parcels