Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard

Mystery photos - can you help identify the location?

I keep an eye open for photographs of the railways of Todmorden, Generally speaking, it is possible to identify the location, and post the photo in the appropriate area of the Website.

From time-to-time, this doesn't always work. Below is a photo I acquired recently that the seller had identified as Todmorden. I took the seller at his word, and I have to admit, after a cursory glance, assumed that the view was of the Copy Pit line descending into Todmorden, with Ferney Lea Bridge in the background.

But once having scanned the photo and examined it more critically, the houses in the left appear to be arranged around a small stream or brook, which appears to pass under the railway. And this doesn't to match the houses below the railway at this point.

What do you think?

A mystery photo purportedly of the Copy Pit line descending into Todmorden, but the houses below the railway do not match any known Todmorden houses. Can you identify the location?