Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Leeds stalwart - Stanier Jubilee 45565

A Stanier Jubilee is a key locomotive type for Hall Royd. In the last few years of steam Low Moor fielded four Jubilees for the summer excursion traffic to the Lancashire coast, and in particular Blackpool. Despite the mixed reviews the Jubilee's attracted during their careers, they were the very last LMS main-line passenger type in service. Even more remarkably they were pitched at the famous Copy Pit summit with heavy excursion traffic, and not always with the help of a banker.

This is 45565 'Victoria'. Some finishing details are required, such as a motion bracket cover, the yellow stripe on the cab side and the wheels and motion blackening. This loco was acquired in instalments from eBay. The original body and tender had been repainted and arrived matched to an old-style Mainline chassis with split frames. Next came the scratch built chassis with LMS decorated body. An Portescap RG4 (also from eBay) was fitted to the chassis, and then the chassis fitted to the body.

All that was needed was some weight adding to the body. Sadly I used Bostick to glue the weight, and within 24-hours the body was horribly distorted. Fortunately the original LMS livered body was to hand. The body was sprayed BR green using a Precision Phoenix Paints 'rattle' can, and lining and numbers were provided by Fox - the tender remains 'as supplied'. The loco has been chipped with a Lenz Silver decoder, and the result is - perhaps rather surprisingly given its mixed parentage - a beautifully smooth runner. 

Bacmann Jubilee on scratch-built chassis with Portescap RG4 motor

Bachmann Jubille body (Mainline) and tender with scratch-built chassis and RG4 motor