Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard

The Natterjack...

Second passenger train Todmorden Viaduct Junction - Stansfield Hall Junction

Thursday 18 September 2014

The second train to carry passengers was organised by UK Railtours on Thursday 18 September 2014.

The original plan was to traverse the Todmorden Curve from the Stansfield Hall Junction end, but due to the fact that interlocking remains as from when this was the site of the banking siding, trains can still only run towards Copy Pit.

Sadly we were unable to make this tour, but 'Signal Box Watcher' did allow its progress to be checked. And what a splendid day to have a trip to the seaside! Below are a selection of screen grabs showing the trains progress from Ordsall Lane Junction to Southport Chapel Street via Todmorden Viaduct Junction and Wigan South Junction.

The train is shown with a freight headcode 102R. Almost immediately on arrival at Platform 6 at Chapel Street, the return working to London via Wigan and the WCML was entered into the system - 105R - and is shown in the last screen grab.


The Natterjack at Orsdall Lane Junction

The Natterjack approaching Manchester Victoria

The Natterjack departing Manchester Victoria

The Natterjack departing Manchester Victoria 2

The Natterjack approaching Brewery Sidings

The Natterjack passing Moston

The Natterjack approaching Castleton Junction

The Natterjack approaching Rochdale

The Natterjack approaching Smithy Bridge

The Natterjack approaching Todmorden

The Natterjack approaching Todmorden station

Now on the new Todmorden curve...

The Natterjack on Todmorden Viaduct - Stansfield Hall curve

The Natterjack leaves Todmorden Viaduct - Stansfield Hall curve

The Natterjack at Blackburn

The Natterjack approaching Faringdon Junction

The Natterjack at Faringdon Junction awaiting a path on the WCML

The Natterjack arrives at Wigan North Western

The Natterjack awaits departure from Wigan Station Junction

The Natterjack approaching Meols Cop

Destination reached!

The Natterjack arrives at Southport Chapel Street station

The sea >>> (allow at least 45 minutes if walking, otherwise there's always Lord Street...)