Hall Royd Junction Box nameboard as preserved at the East Lancashire Raiway, Bury

Liverpool - Southport Line: Birkdale - Grosvenor Road level crossing
(Merseyrail Northern Line)

Our journey today starts at Southport Chapel Street and follows the line to the site of the erstwhile Liverpool Exchange using Google Streetview images. Should you use the individual Google navigation tools, and wish to restore the page to its default views, just refresh the page.

As it takes a few seconds for each of the Google maps to be retrieved, the line is broken into sections, and generally these are station-to-station. Each Google Streetview image is presented facing the direction of travel, in this case southwards. The intention is that to see the northwards view, the Google navigation tool needs to be used. 


This section starts with Birkdale Station, with a Liverpool-bound train leaving. Birkdale was was clearly a one of the premier stations on the line, in this case have a rather splendid subway, the entrances to it being visible either side of the crossing.

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Belgrave Place gives an excellent view of the line away from stations and crossings, and this is a view in the Liverpool direction.

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Another view southwards, this time from Crosby Road.

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Grosvenor Road level crossing completes this section.

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Section from Ordnance Survey Sheet 100 c. 1961 showing railway line from Grosvenor Road to Hillside

Reproduced from the Ordnance Survey map 1961























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