Hall Royd Junction Signal Box Nameboard
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Building a Sutherland Models LMS (L&YR) 7F 0-8-0 Large Goods loco


Strict Discipline

The key to building a layout of a specific prototype is to select a location and period and then stick to it rigidly - or not!

My 'location' is Hall Royd Junction of the ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Calder Valley Main Line sometime in the Spring of 1966.

Four events have contributed to the first wavering to this strict approach. Joining the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society; having the opportunity to study the L&YR-based 'Calderwood' layout closely at Alexander Palace in early 2015; the purchase of Barry Lane's 'L&YR Locomotives' book and an un-built Sutherland Models LMS (L&YR) 7F 0-8-0 Large Goods loco turning up on eBay....

The L&YRS membership are generally committed to building models of L&YR prototypes and there is an infectious quality to their meetings; 'Calderwood' features both large and small boilers examples of the 0-8-0s staggering from loop-to-loop and I thought they looked rather fun models; and I have never seen a Sutherland Model before, and thought this might be rare opportunity to acquire one.

The back of the Sutherland Model's box is stamped '5 Jun 1977'.

Which loco?

Barry Lane records six large boilered receiving their BR numbers, viz:

Side-windowed cab: 52857 - withdrawn December 1951

Original Cab: 52945 (May 1951); 52910 (September 1950); 52906 (September 1051); 52870 (September 1951); 52856 (May 1950)

Of this latter group, 52945 is recorded as having a LNWR tender. The kit includes a L&YR 8-wheel tender, and provision both cab types. The unopened box weights in at 25.2 ounces or 713 grams.

Livery is plain black with a number plate fitted, and the number on the cab side. The only 'unknown' is whether any of the tenders showed their new ownership. The surviving Hughes Dreadnaught received BR mixed traffic livery with 'BRITISH RAILWAYS' spelt out on the tender. However a photo from the Barry Lane collection in 'Steam Days' September 2012 shows 52857 at Wigan renumbered, but still with LMS on the tender. This is the most likely 'prototype' as it is the longest surviving and there is a good photo showing it 'broadside' in BR condition.


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Posted 28 April 2015

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